Theoretical Challenges in Partition Functions

01 - 05 October 2018
Organisers :
  • Nisheeth Vishnoi
  • Rüdiger Urbanke
The goal of this workshop is to find translations and connections between various approaches to compute partition functions and, at the same time, advance the state-of-the-art in each.
by 28 Sep 2018

Bernoulli Lecture - Statistical physics and statistical inference

05 October 2018
Organisers :
  • Marc Mézard

A major challenge of contemporary statistical inference is the large-scale limit, where one wants to discover the values of many hidden parameters, using large amount of data. In recent years, ideas from statistical physics of disordered systems, notably the cavity method, have helped to develop new algorithms for important inference ...

Applications of Partition Functions

12 - 16 November 2018
Organisers :
  • Rüdiger Urbanke
  • Nisheeth Vishnoi
The goal of this workshop is to discuss the wide set of practical and theoretical applications of the computability of partition functions and address the challenges that arise.
by 09 Nov 2018

Big data and uncertainty quantification: statistical inference and information-theoretic techniques applied to computational chemistry

26 March - 03 April 2019
Organisers :
  • Fabio Nobile
  • Carsten Hartmann
  • Tim Sullivan
  • Frank Pinski

26 to 29 March 2019 - CIB premises

1 to 3 April 2019 - CECAM premises

Computational mathematics for model reduction and predictive modelling in molecular and complex systems

21 - 29 May 2019
Organisers :
  • Anders Szepessy
  • Markos Katsoulakis
  • Petr Plechac
  • Benedikt Leimkuhler

21 to 24 May 2019 - CIB premises

27 to 29 May 2019 - CECAM premises

Conservative dynamics and its interactions

19 - 23 August 2019
Organisers :
  • Leonid Polterovich
  • Felix Schlenk

This workshop brings together specialists working on various crossroads through conservative dynamics. It will highlight cutting edge research involving methods from symplectic topology, as well as interactions with other fields including smooth ergodic theory and PDEs.

Professor Konstantin Khanin's Bernoulli Lecture

22 August 2019

Title and abstract TBA

Dynamical Systems - Summer School

26 - 30 August 2019
Organisers :
  • Jörg Schmeling

The summer school will provide courses from experts in the areas of the scope of the program ''Dynamics with Structures''. It is intended to provide surveys of modern directions in the theory of dynamical systems on the level of graduate students and junior researchers. The goal is to propagate modern ...

Dynamics, Geometry and Combinatorics

21 - 25 October 2019
Organisers :
  • Anders Karlsson
  • Omri Sarig
  • Bryna Kra

This workshop brings together dynamicists who use techniques from, and are motivated by, combinatorics, geometry, and number theory.  The topics cover a broad swath of dynamics, including ergodic theory, homogeneous dynamics, symbolic dynamics, Teichmuller theory, and billiards, and the aim of the workshop is to highlight the common features across these subjects.

Low-dimensional and Complex Dynamics

02 - 06 December 2019
Organisers :
  • Magnus Aspenberg
  • Michael Benedicks
  • Feliks Przytycki
  • Jacek Graczyk