Geometry and representations of algebraic groups

Friday, January 21, 2011, EPFL in Lausanne.

picture This one-day meeting, sponsored by the Centre Bernoulli (EPFL, Lausanne), is held to honor the 60th birthday and the mathematical contributions of Nicolas Spaltenstein.

There will be 4 talks, scheduled as follows:

The room is AAC006; click here for directions. Here is the conference photo, and here is the list of participants.

If you are interested in remaining on a list of potential participants, please send a message to one of the organizers. We also ask that you publicize this event to your colleagues; here is a poster.

Information for participants:

We have obtained some limited funding for this event to help support young participants. Doctoral and post-doctoral candidates should write directly to Donna Testerman in order to apply for funding.

Click here for some information about hotels in Lausanne. (We have pre-booked a number of rooms to obtain reduced prices, but you need to contact the hotel and make the reservation yourself.)

Here you can find out how to get to EPFL, and here is some general information about Lausanne.

Organisers: Meinolf Geck @, Donna Testerman @ and Jacques Thévenaz @