Planning Your Visit

The CIB staff is happy to assist you with administrative procedures such as your visa and financial support requirements, the booking of your accommodation and providing you with all the needed information to make your stay a comfortable one.


Non-Swiss visitors staying longer than eight working days must go through a work permit or visa procedure. Notify the staff at the latest three months before your visit and they will walk you through the procedure.

Financial support

Reimbursements will be wire transferred to your bank account. When a financial support is granted, the staff will inform you about what kind of funds to expect and will request the documents needed for the payment such as a bank details statement, bank information, a copy of passport and travel tickets even when those are not reimbursed by the CIB.


The CIB will book the accommodation for invited guests. Please notify the staff as soon as you have your visit dates sorted out so we could help you find the best housing option.

In some cases, the CIB will suggest to the visitor to look for their own accommodation. If this is the case and you would like to look into housing options in the area, please see links below. Please be informed that finding rental options in Lausanne and its neighborhood could be a challenge. Rental prices are high and due for a whole month.

If you are a short term invited guest, the staff will book and forward to you the hotel reservation details.

Here are a few links that could help you with the search:

Before you get here

The CIB is located on the 3rd floor of the GA building on EPFL campus.