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Geometric linearization of graphs and groups

International conference on
Embeddings of Graphs and Groups into Hilbert and Banach spaces with applications
January 22-26, 2007, Centre Interfacultaire Bernoulli, EPFL, Lausanne, Switzerland

Keywords: Geometric and combinatorial group theory, uniform embeddings, Hilbert space compression, expanders, exact groups, Yu's property A, groups with Haagerup property, random groups and graphs, internet graphs.

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Invited Speakers include:

Martin Bridson (Imperial College of London)
Indira Chatterji (The Ohio State University)
Michel Marie Deza(ENS Paris)
Cornelia Drutu (Université Lille I)
Jean-Pierre Eckmann (Université de Genève)(Talk - 1.06 MB PDF)
Erik Guentner (University of Hawaii, Manoa)
Anupam Gupta (Carnegie Mellon University)
Piotr Indyk (MIT)(Talk - 120 kB PDF / 202 kB PPT)
Subhash Khot (Georgia Institute of Technology)
Vincent Lafforgue (Université Paris 6)
Nati Linial (The Hebrew University of Jerusalem)(Talk - 160 kB PDF)
Jiri Matousek (The Charles University, Prague)
Graham Niblo (University of Southampton)(Talk - 2.2 MB PDF)
Yann Ollivier (ENS Lyon)
Stratos Prassidis (Canisius College, New York)(Talk - 300 kB PDF)
Mark Sapir (Vanderbilt University)(Talk - 1.6 MB PDF)
Gideon Schechtman (Weizmann Institute of Science)(Talk - 92 kB PDF)
Amin Shokrollahi (EPFL, Lausanne)(Talk - Part 1, 2.9 MB PDF / Part 2, 2.2 MB PDF)
Zoran Sunic (Texas A&M University)
Romain Tessera (Vanderbilt University)
Jean-Philippe Vert (Ecole des Mines de Paris)
Nisheeth Kumar Vishnoi (IBM India Research Lab)(Talk - 275 kB PDF / 250 kB PPT)
Gerhard Wanner (Université de Genève)(Talk - 2 MB PDF)
Guoliang Yu (Vanderbilt University)
Here you can find the poster of the conference.

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Slides of talks in parallel sessions

Program (PDF)

Conference Dinner (PDF) - January 23rd, 2007 at 19:00

Excursion (PDF) - January 24th, 2007 (CHF 30.--)


Location and Accomodation

The conference will be held in the Bernoulli Center, in the Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne, Lausanne, Switzerland. Lausanne is located within 45 minutes by train from Geneva airport, with at least one train every 30 minutes.