Program on Algebraic, Symplectic Geometry and Physics
01.07.2007 - 31.12.2007
Centre Interfacultaire Bernoulli
EPFL, Lausanne, Switzerland

(August 20-September 7 conference partially funded by and held at FIM, ETH, Zurich, Switzerland)

Program organizers: D. Auroux, L. Katzarkov, A. Kapustin, A. Okounkov, D. Orlov

Program events

Algebraic Geometry, Symplectic Geometry and Physics
August 20-September 7 (Lausanne and Zurich)

Organizers: D. Auroux, L. Katzarkov, A. Kapustin, A. Okounkov, D. Orlov, D. Salamon

This three week event will be held at CIB (EPFL, Lausanne) during weeks 1 and 2 (August 20-31) and at FIM (ETHZ, Zurich) during week 3 (September 3-7). Important: since the organization and funding for Week 3 will be handled by FIM, if you plan to attend this part of the conference you should contact the FIM administration.

Matrix Factorizations
September 10-14 (Lausanne)

Organizers: K. Hori, A. Kapustin, L. Katzarkov, W. Lerche, K.-G. Schlesinger

This workshop will focus on matrix factorizations and their use in physics (detailed program, titles & abstracts).

P-adic Aspects of Differential Equations: Crystals, Mirror Symmetry & Modular Forms
November 5-8 (Lausanne)

Organizers: V. Golyshev, L. Katzarkov, D. Van Straten, ...

This workshop on p-adic aspects of differential equations: crystals, mirror symmetry & modular forms will run on four days: Nov 5, 6, 7, 8. The following topics will be discussed:
  1. Differential equations coming from quantum cohomology.
  2. Differential equations and modular forms.
  3. Congruences of Atkin-Swinnerton-Dyer type.
  4. Differential equations of Calabi-Yau type.
  5. Differential equations and p-adic cohomology.

(Schedule & Abstracts)

Applications of Higher Category Theory
December 10-14 (Lausanne)

Conference on Applications of Higher Category Theory. (pending funding)


Administrative information

After a first contact with the organizers, invited participants will be contacted by the CIB staff concerning the dates and details of their visits. Invited participants will get financial support or a participation to their travel or living expenses. The CIB staff will take care of their hotel reservation. The budget of the program is limited, but we hope to provide adequate support to all invited participants.

Other participants are welcome to attend the conferences, but are advised that at this time the funding for the program has been entirely spent. Those participants will therefore be expected to cover their own expenses and make their own hotel arrangements (see the hotel list below).

Participants who will be attending the September 3-7 event in Zurich should contact FIM staff in this respect. If you will be attending this event only, coordinate your visit with FIM staff, not with CIB staff. If you will be attending events in both Zurich and Lausanne, then you should contact both CIB and FIM staff.

Registration form

All participants (invited or not) should register. Please fill the registration form.

Hotel list

Hotel arrangements for invited participants will be made directly by the staff at CIB.

For the other participants, EPFL has negotiated discounted rates at the following hotels for the period August 20-September 2:

To book your room, please contact directly one of these hotels and mention "Algebraic" to obtain the EPFL preferential price. The above prices include city taxes, VAT and breakfast. A credit card number is required to confirm/guarantee your reservation. All participants will be required to pay their room at their departure.

As the hotels in Lausanne are very full at this period, please book your room as soon as possible. If there aren't any rooms left please contact the tourism office: