EPFL (Lausanne, Switzerland) , November 3-7, 2008

The conference site is the Bernoulli Center at the Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL) .



Anton Alekseev (University of Genève)
Alberto Cattaneo (University of Zurich)
Ping Xu  (Penn State University)


Preliminary List of speakers

Damien Calaque   (Univ. Lyon) Tangent (co)homology, Duflo's isomorphism and Caldararu's conjecture
Arias Abad Camilo   (Univ. Utrecht) Representations up to homotopy and cohomology of classifying spaces
Benjamin Enriquez   (IRMA, Strasbourg) Quantization of quasi-Lie bialgebras
Barbara Fantechi   (SISSA, Trieste) Virtual Riemann Roch (RR) Theorems
Kenji Fukaya   (Kyoto University) Various aspects and approaches to chain level string topology
Ezra Getzler   (Nothwestern University, Evanston) Topological field theory in two dimensions andTeichmuller space
Vassily Gorbounov   (Univ. Aberdeen ) Chiral differential operators over non-compact manifolds
André Henriques   (Univ. Utrecht) 3-categories for the working mathematician
Bernhard Keller   (Univ. Paris 7) The periodicity conjecture via 2-calabi-yau categories
Calin-Iuliu Lazaroiu   (Trinity College Dublin) Topological defects and higher categories
Andrei S. Losev   (Russian Academy of Sciences, Moskow) Homotopical theories versus string theories
Martin Markl   (Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic, Prag) Combinatorial differential geometry: reduction theorems revisited
Ieke Moerdijk   (Univ. Utrecht) Infinity categories and infinity operads
Urs Schreiber   (Univ. Hamburg) Nonabelian differential cohomology
Pavol Severa   (Univ. Geneva) Higher Lie theory and higher approximations
Sergey Shadrin   (UV Amsterdam) BCOV theory via Givental group action on cohomological field theories
Thomas Strobl   (Univ. Lyon) Higher Gauge Theories and Q-bundles
Dmitry Tamarkin   (Northwestern University) Formality of Calculus on a manifold
Bruno Vallette   (Univ. Nice) Homotopy Batalin-Vilkovisky algebras
Theodore Th. Voronov   (Univ. Manchester) Higher Poisson brackets and differential forms
Thomas Willwacher   (ETH Zurich) "Formality theorems" on cyclic (co) chains