Endo-p-permutation and trivial source modules in the representation theory of finite groups  29 August - 02 September 2016

Room : BI A0 448


Caroline Lassueur, TU Kaiserslautern

This workshop is concerned with problems linked to endo-p-permutation modules, trivial source modules, vertices and sources of modules, relative projectivity, Scott modules, Puig equivalences, and their interaction in current problems of the local representation of finite groups.

The discussion sessions will be devoted to a state of the art of the ongoing classification of endo-trivial modules.

Main speakers:
- Jon Carlson [University of Georgia, US]
- Eugenio Giannelli [TU Kaiserslautern, DE]
- Shigeo Koshitani [University of Chiba, JP]
- Nadia Mazza [Lancaster University, UK]
- Dan Nakano [University of Georgia, US]
- Jacques Thévenaz [EPFL, CH]

The programme will be supplemented discussion sessions. Moreover, there are time slots available for contributed talks.

Contributed Talks so far by:
- Alec Gullon [Lancaster University, UK]
- Benedetta Lancelotti [Università degli Studi di Milano-Bicocca, IT]
- Susanne Danz [KU Eichstätt-Ingolstadt, DE]
- William O'Donovan [Royal Holloway University of London, UK]
- Rob Carman [UC Santa Cruz, US]
- Deniz Yilmaz [UC Santa Cruz, US]

To register to the workshop or offer a contributed talks, please contact the organiser via e-mail lassueur[at]mathematik.uni-kl.de

Supported by: TU Nachwuchsring, FNS, Schneider Stiftung

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Caroline Lassueur TU Kaiserslautern 29/08/2016 - 02/09/2016
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